Pleasure is mine..

Feeling ashamed

Yet again the incident occurs. Haryana, the historically significant state has now seems to be unsafe for women.pexels-photo-287747.jpeg 5 rapes in 5 days and also in a brutual way. I personally feel ashamed and painful  to write this one.

Where is my dream nation travelling on? The place where women are worshipped and praised now turns in an extremely opposite way. Women are not objects but a life giving human. Humanity loses it’s place in the society now a days.

The responsibile government which needs to take control of the pathetic situation handles it even more pathetic. The irresponsibility of the officials burn up the anger that  already prevails. Justice has to be given.pexels-photo-556663.jpeg

The CM khattar has to step down. There is no use of the so called “schemes” ensuring safety for women if not executed. I still don’t get why I’m writing this.

But its the only way to reduce the anger dwelling inside me. Finally, the point is no more female should be ill-treated.


New year resolution 👍

New year has arrived. First of all I greet each one of the readers a very fun filled new year. May all good things happen to you this year. With this note let me come to the topic New Year Resolution . Yeah.. we speak a lot about it. But do we follow it sincerely lies the reality. So, cheer up friends I’m going to request you to follow certainly the one thing that benefits you and your surroundings. That is making yourselves free from the so called restrictions which delays our progress.


You know what mostly the restrictions are our hesitations to do our likings. Sometimes it’s the plain fear to lose something important to us and other times fearing the aftermath of our deeds. And so, when an idea strikes you, just think whether it is right to not only you but also your surrounding. If it is right, then immediately put that into action cause the more time you spend after that are of no use. Cause there are always plenty waiting to confuse and disrupt your actions. Never allow that to happen.The thought of we should have done it after the deed  is worse than the fear we face before our deed. It disturbs a lot. Hence, as far as you put that into action that far it will benefit you.

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After you follow it throughout the year, I’m sure that you’ll feel satisfied with yourselves.
Be the best of you..😄

Keeping yorself healthy and fit…

After a long time, I feel the urge to write my thoughts about a certain thing. All of us are curious enough to find ways to keep ourselves fit. But the thought of keeping ourselves  fit along with healthy struck my mind this morning.I’m not gonna make a long speech of how and why.I came out with a simple and efficient idea. That is by examing the past generations. Yup, it sounds wierd😁. Yet trust me friends people then used to be so healthy and pretty fit especially females. Yeah that time mostly females were the prettier ones😉. Do you know the reason behind it? They do their household works by themselves that makes their body flexible and healthy. I know now it is not that easy since we are always chasing after something and potray ourselves extremely “busy”. Well, sweeping your house and washing your clothes with hands don’t take much time. It’s quite the time we spend on gym sweating ourselves.Come’ll look stunning afte that. If not don’t blame me. 1503067241225.jpgHaha…hope it benefits you😄

Accept the change..

Susmi 20170526_204415A lot of things happen in our life. Some events just pass by but some touch our hearts. Each and every upcoming second is unique. When we take a break and again try merging with the society, this seems quite hard to accept the change. Yup..not all the changes are interesting and admiring, some even has the power to give a sharp pain.

An unexpected change can give you lots of pressure. I didn’t mean to change along with the society cause some are purely related to our self respect and character. But we must try to accept the change encircling us orelse we’ll get struck. I know it’s not that much easy task yet also not uncontrollable.

The reason why I insist is not only our academics but also in our relationships (family and friends ) this handling is essential. Be bold enough to face the fearful change and pleasant for positive changes. That may be any sort of change don’t stop with that just cross it over. I hope each one experience a good change in your life😊

Give a pause

Nature , the most exciting thing in the world. It often surprises us with astonishing stuffs. Something makes us awestruck and sometimes scare to the core. A gift to each and every living beings yet be a death call to some beings. Many features of it contradicts with itself. This lies in the way of how we react to it. Nature celebrates you when you are kind to it and when ypu start a step to destroy it ,then it will take a step to completely eradicate you. This happened from the beginning. Now all the consequences we face is all because of ourselves. Even now if we didn’t wake up, then there lacks a chance of our survival. What are we doing daily? Waking up with burden of today’s work and start running. We have no time for ourselves and so how can we expect valuable time for others and nature. We changed into a self centred personalities and started to destroy whatever we could for our own beneficiaries. Future can be anything  and I think only of present. Is this a healthy lifestyle?  Of course not. My dear friends give a pause to your life, allot time your surroundings and treat the nature with care. Everything changes into a beautifully blossomed flower and remember you will be that flower…👼👰👸download (5)


Have you ever felt the urge to taste anything just by hearing its name? Okay…that may be a delicous dish prepared in your favourite restaurant. You know what I have experienced this a plenty of times in my life by the simple word panneer”. Now you may think I’m just exaggerating. YetI love paneer. Any dish prepared using this is gladly welcome to my mouth. I’m a big foodie especially paneer items. My top list contains panner butter masala which gives a heavenly taste. The masalas are perfectly cooked leaving it with a sweet taste. I just don’t eat the panner as it is. First I take a piece and then slightly break into pieces using hand, soak it completely in the gravy and eat it slowly. Wow..absolutely yummy..its good for non,chappati and so on. I even like with my dosa. This sounds wierd right😄😄. Next is panneer manjurian. I first tried from a cookery show and what more it tasted amazing. FYI ,I don’t cook often. Cause you know some resulted in disaster. That’s when I gave up cooking for some time. Never mind having my mom by my side gives me no worries 😊 since she is my master in cooking. So,what I recommend is just give a try to panneer dishes and I’m sure you’ll like it..☺

Even pizzas with panneer tastes good..😆


Delicious flavours 

My day begins with the intake of fresh air from the garden behind followed by the warm rays completely filling the room through the window. Once I get up my feet moves to the odour of my mother’s peculiar saree. There, my view lands on the yummy tea prepared. I take a sip and just travel to heaven in that 5 minutes. After getting nicely from my mother, I indulge in my regular activities. According to me , enjoy each and every part of your life to the fullest. Enjoy eating rather than just dumping inside your stomach to survive. Just taste the food recieved for a day and thank the day for atleast getting this type of food. Coming next, so far from what I have observed travelling is one of the most interesting things in the world. Once in a month travel to any unseen place and visualize it with curiosity. It will be even more superb when this becomes an adventurous trip. Know more and more about the place in practical. You’ll get a different experience at each travel. Another one is books. What an amazing companion you have? Don’t just read it. READ it. Get inside the majical world and live a new life. Sometimes imaginary things are more attractive than the real one. So , in short taste these delicious flavours of life. If possible, do share with me your delicious flavours of life..😇eagerly waiting for your replies.👧👧