Accept the change..

Susmi 20170526_204415A lot of things happen in our life. Some events just pass by but some touch our hearts. Each and every upcoming second is unique. When we take a break and again try merging with the society, this seems quite hard to accept the change. Yup..not all the changes are interesting and admiring, some even has the power to give a sharp pain.

An unexpected change can give you lots of pressure. I didn’t mean to change along with the society cause some are purely related to our self respect and character. But we must try to accept the change encircling us orelse we’ll get struck. I know it’s not that much easy task yet also not uncontrollable.

The reason why I insist is not only our academics but also in our relationships (family and friends ) this handling is essential. Be bold enough to face the fearful change and pleasant for positive changes. That may be any sort of change don’t stop with that just cross it over. I hope each one experience a good change in your life😊


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