Give a pause

Nature , the most exciting thing in the world. It often surprises us with astonishing stuffs. Something makes us awestruck and sometimes scare to the core. A gift to each and every living beings yet be a death call to some beings. Many features of it contradicts with itself. This lies in the way of how we react to it. Nature celebrates you when you are kind to it and when ypu start a step to destroy it ,then it will take a step to completely eradicate you. This happened from the beginning. Now all the consequences we face is all because of ourselves. Even now if we didn’t wake up, then there lacks a chance of our survival. What are we doing daily? Waking up with burden of today’s work and start running. We have no time for ourselves and so how can we expect valuable time for others and nature. We changed into a self centred personalities and started to destroy whatever we could for our own beneficiaries. Future can be anything Β and I think only of present. Is this a healthy lifestyle? Β Of course not. My dear friends give a pause to your life, allot time your surroundings and treat the nature with care. Everything changes into a beautifully blossomed flower and remember you will be that flower…πŸ‘ΌπŸ‘°πŸ‘Έdownload (5)


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