Have you ever felt the urge to taste anything just by hearing its name? Okay…that may be a delicous dish prepared in your favourite restaurant. You know what I have experienced this a plenty of times in my life by the simple word panneer”. Now you may think I’m just exaggerating. YetI love paneer. Any dish prepared using this is gladly welcome to my mouth. I’m a big foodie especially paneer items. My top list contains panner butter masala which gives a heavenly taste. The masalas are perfectly cooked leaving it with a sweet taste. I just don’t eat the panner as it is. First I take a piece and then slightly break into pieces using hand, soak it completely in the gravy and eat it slowly. Wow..absolutely yummy..its good for non,chappati and so on. I even like with my dosa. This sounds wierd right😄😄. Next is panneer manjurian. I first tried from a cookery show and what more it tasted amazing. FYI ,I don’t cook often. Cause you know some resulted in disaster. That’s when I gave up cooking for some time. Never mind having my mom by my side gives me no worries 😊 since she is my master in cooking. So,what I recommend is just give a try to panneer dishes and I’m sure you’ll like it..☺

Even pizzas with panneer tastes good..😆


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