Delicious flavours 

My day begins with the intake of fresh air from the garden behind followed by the warm rays completely filling the room through the window. Once I get up my feet moves to the odour of my mother’s peculiar saree. There, my view lands on the yummy tea prepared. I take a sip and just travel to heaven in that 5 minutes. After getting nicely from my mother, I indulge in my regular activities. According to me , enjoy each and every part of your life to the fullest. Enjoy eating rather than just dumping inside your stomach to survive. Just taste the food recieved for a day and thank the day for atleast getting this type of food. Coming next, so far from what I have observed travelling is one of the most interesting things in the world. Once in a month travel to any unseen place and visualize it with curiosity. It will be even more superb when this becomes an adventurous trip. Know more and more about the place in practical. You’ll get a different experience at each travel. Another one is books. What an amazing companion you have? Don’t just read it. READ it. Get inside the majical world and live a new life. Sometimes imaginary things are more attractive than the real one. So , in short taste these delicious flavours of life. If possible, do share with me your delicious flavours of life..😇eagerly waiting for your replies.👧👧


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